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Get to know the smarter, faster way to serve patients and boost business.

SNAP is a cutting-edge Patient Management Platform that makes complex decisions with AI. With SNAP, you'll see dramatically less employee touches per order, less order mistakes, and more productivity.

More than 50% of orders go straight from booking to warehouse without using any manpower. Ship. Bill. Repeat. That’s the power of SNAP.

Getting started is easy. Your company could be running on SNAP AI within 60 days—and seeing more profit from day one. And we will guide you through every step.

How it works

Order generation

SNAP queues eligible patients, those most likely to order, and the highest priority to call next. For imperfect orders, SNAP identifies why, and automatically launches the right task to move the order. No more bottlenecks, no patient left behind.

Insurance verification

Goodbye, generic insurance campaigns. With thousands of built-in payer rules, SNAP easily adds or adjusts payers and policy changes, plus identifies and verifies insurance eligibility in realtime.

Error-free documentation

SNAP makes sure every patient’s documents are complete and accurate for billing. And if documents are missing, SNAP tracks them down before shipping and stores them for future orders.

Unified order fulfillment

SNAP takes the headache out of order processing and managing inventory. SNAP integrates with all major warehouse vendors, or sends packing slips right to your warehouse.

Realtime analytics

SNAP’s unique view of your entire patient portfolio lets you monitor your orders, performance and profit, all in realtime. And SNAP’s staff production metrics keeps employees accountable and measurable, helping you forecast your business into a brighter future.

Pricing aligned with your business

Unlike other companies that charge costly per-seat licenses and nickel-and-dime for every feature, SNAP’s pricing model will only charge you after the patient places their first order. Now that’s a win-win.

Optional turnkey patient support

Accelerate SNAP with RPM, our US-based call center staffed with real people who are experts on medical equipment and services. These highly trained, friendly team members contact and help eligible patients on your behalf.

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